From the March '07 Whats's Up Magazine:

Recorded on a shoestring budget and over the course of several months, Blackhearted American Water is, in our local vernacular, an “organic, home-grown, locally-supported” recording. Full of swift Southern rock glory and guitar-heavy thrills, most of the tracks were laid down at Rich’s house, with the mixing and vocals done at Wax Poetic Studios, and the mastering completed at Bayside Recording. The album guests several Bellingham favorites, including Brad Lockhart and Anna Arvan (on her always versatile cello), as well as a group of community vocalists now known as the “Corner Pocket Choir.” -Jessica Tracey

From the June '07 Whats's Up Magazine:

Oohhhh, the Wastelanders new album Blackhearted American Water is filled with delicious rock goodness. This album is definitely an improvement from their last album especially with the added sound of the second guitarist, Rich Canut.

Almost all of their songs on the new album contain traces of southern rock interspersed with a bluesy overtone. The third song, “Pride and Strawberry Wine, is where I feel the true talent of their music begins to come through. It starts with slow guitar riffs and drum beats with Ryan Roullard’s vocals slowly seeping into the song like water over cracks.

The rest of the album is met with the same energy and full rock sound with super sweet intros to every song. Each time the next track plays, I find myself sitting at the edge of my seat wanting to discover what layers will be revealed. Thankfully, there are no hiccups that break the rising momentum of the rest of the album.

Blackhearted American Water is an album for people who aren’t afraid to stomp on the ground, dance in a fast-paced vibrating manner, get their nails a little dirty, and dig into some true rock music.

It’s been a while since the Wastelanders have had something fresh out in stores, but new and old fans alike can rejoice with Blackhearted American Water.
- -Rosie Sabaric